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About Us

We are "My Tutorial Academy" an online teaching institute. We assist students globally with cost-effective, quality teaching methodology and aids.

Since inception in March’2015 with foray in Education industry we have the best teaching faculty with an intensive teaching experience to assist your child reach his potential and excel the learning curve. 

We provide online lessons, project and assignment assistance to the students in US, Australia, UK and Canada. We assist students to excel the ICAS, John Monash Science School Test, GMAT, English, Mathematics and Science subject for Year-1 to Year-12 students. . We are also mentors for SAT, P-SAT, ACT, NAPLAN, OC test, Selective School Test; Melbourne high school test and others across the specified locations for last 3 years. Our teaching methodology includes: the use of presentations, quizzes, worksheets, notes streamlined with a virtual teaching whiteboard and an audio/video live chat support. We are also mentors for teaching the computer skills or the concept knowledge of “The Information and Communication Technology” across the specified locations for last 3 years. Our regular programme costs Year-1 to Year-5 is AUD7/hour, Year-6 and 7 is AUD 8/hour, Year-8 and 9 is AUD9/hour and Year-10 to 12 is AUD 10/hour.

Our GMAT programme includes lessons on Verbal reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Section at just $20 per hour.

Our Vision

We believe that children are the key to a better tomorrow and on a journey to becoming bread winners, they should be well equipped with a strong concept base. Looking at a bigger picture, our primary goal lies in academic excellence. We believe in the challenge of transforming the lives of average or below average students -by a mix of confidence boosting and concept enhancing- and refining them into above average students and assist them in becoming the shining stars they dreamed of being. We are very confident in our transparent and efficient tutoring sessions that can guarantee great results for your child.

Teaching Methodology

 live tutoring via wiziq whiteboard supported with an audio/video live chat through skype.

Teaching Approach 

customized teaching model designed as per the individual student's need and background knowledge of the subject.

Teaching Aids

Presentations, assignments, test sheets, worksheets and notes to assist learners in understanding the concept with a nose dive to concepts.

Key Features

If you’re finding trouble looking for a good private tutor or an institute and going through the ordeal of driving your child to a center after a hard day’s work is tedious, then mytutorialacademy has the solution for all worries. We offer flexibility in the learning for the students. They can work at their pace, from their own home and at their convenient timing. We provide one to one interactions, unlike a group mechanism, so as to enable the students to understand and study more effectively, clear their doubts at their own competence level and eliminate the drawbacks of group learning.

Subjects Covered

Whether it is the American K-10 education, Australian, Cambridge or any international curriculum; IGCSE, IB, Indian CBSE, ICSE curriculum, My Tutorial Academy provides expert tutoring across all boards: an add on being the regular weekly tests we take and the monthly performance report we share with each parent –a part of the performance indicator. We are equipped to provide expert online tutoring classes at an affordable price. We assist students from basic to advanced levels for the following subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English with our premium tutoring sessions.