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Our Academic Programme


Subjects offered:  English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Skills/ICT - Information & Communication Technology from Year-1 to Year-12


Education Boards: we assist in subject learning and competitive test preparation: SAT, NAPLAN, OC test, P-SAT, ACT, Melbourne High School test, Selective High School test and scholarship tests, ICAS exam, John Monash Science School Test, G-MAT-Quantitative Section, Integrated Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning-Critical reasoning.


Teaching methodology: Live tutoring via wiziq virtual whiteboard supported with an audio/video live chat through skype.


Teaching aids:  We believe in natural learning to develop Multiple Intelligence which can be best achieved through the use of presentations, online assignments, test sheets, worksheets,videos,simulation games and notes to assist learners in understanding the concept with a nose dive to concepts.


Teaching approach: customized teaching model (CTM)designed as per the individual student's need and background knowledge of the subject.


Tutor head Count: 10